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Why MakesYouFluent for Business?

Effective communication is vital for businesses aiming to thrive on the global stage. Language barriers can hinder growth, limit market reach, and impact the bottom line. That's where our cutting-edge language learning app, "MakesYouFluent for Business," comes into play.

Effective Communication

Connect with clients and partners worldwide through crystal-clear communication.

Global Reach

Expand your market horizons without language-related obstacles.

Negotiation Power

Boost employee confidence and secure better deals with language proficiency.

Cultural Savvy

Master not just words but the art of respect and understanding in diverse business landscapes.

Cost Efficient

For the price of a single class, unlock a month of MakesYouFluent. Our plan is 19x cheaper than a tutor!

Your team will thank you:

Tailored Learning Experience

MakesYouFluent for Business offers personalized AI tutors, adapting to each employee's unique needs until goals are met.

Flexible Learning

Employees can access language learning resources on their own schedule, be it during breaks, commutes, or at home.

Everything Covered

Empowering learners to confidently succeed in reading, talking, speaking and writing in a new language.

Practice real-life situations

Our app's ingenious feature lets employees immerse themselves in real-life language scenarios. From boardroom negotiations to customer interactions, users practice speaking with AI, honing their skills for actual business encounters.

Discover the limitless potential of your company through language mastery with MakesYouFluent for Business.

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20-50 People
$67.99 per year

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teams of 20 or more

Bigger teams
51+ People
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